Amalfi Sails is a boat rental company for everyone because in addition to exclusive luxury yachts, included in our fleet are a number of economic motor boats that can be hired with or without a skipper. The small motorboats have a length of 5.5 meters and can accommodate up to 6 people on board. Usually these boats are very popular among groups of friends or younger people who want to have fun on a fast boat. We would like to clarify that our motor boats are equipped with all necessary safety equipment and given the simplicity of their facilities, there is no type of license required to drive. If sea excursions are your thing, and you are familiar with the engines, this boat is perfect for you. In addition, onboard comfort is ensured by cushions, ladder and an awning.

Technical Specifications

Details and information. Vessel size, internal and external capacity, engine speed and number of cabins.

Length: 5,5 meters.
Widht: 3 meters.
Engines: Yamaha 40 hp.
Max Speed: 25 knots.
Max Capacity: 6 passengers.

The crew of Amalfi Sails will respond to your every need, monitor the boat for the duration of the journey and lead you to the most enchanting places of the chosen itinerary. The skippers are all qualified, have extreme control of their role and are ready to solve any unexpected problems. For each boat we allocate time to promotions, please refer to our special offers section.

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