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Pure pleasure knows no limits and that is why Amalfi Sails, in addition to offering the best luxury yachts for your vacation on the island of Capri and the Amalfi Coast, can include in your excursion relaxing spa treatments, massages and face and body holistic massages. Our staff are in contact with a number of masseurs who will be on hand to perform the complete service you choose for your treatment.

What I would give to go back on board of Santorini 48 treated by the skill of a personal masseuse…It was a refreshing experience because we stopped the yacht before the Blue Grotto and after a relaxing body massage, I dived into the cool waters of Capri. What can I say?! With Amalfi Sails I felt like a VIP for the day!


The massages on board are exclusive to Amalfi Sails and allow you to soak up the sun and breathe in the scent of the sea, while being caressed by the expert hands of qualified staff. If you want to discover all the special treatments that we offer on board, the equipment available and the price list of our relaxation packages, please send your request in the contact form!

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