Sunset Cruise

The Isle of Capri and its natural colors are simply breathtaking, but the evening reaches its peak during the last hour of the day, when the sun sets spectacularly over the sea. Amalfi Sails with its customers will leave for a private cruise along the Amalfi Coast that will lead to Capri, to witness the coastline in a different light, full of bright oranges and deep blues. The departure is scheduled after 6pm in order to admire the entire coastline at sunset.

The route will follow the following steps:


  • Tour of the most charming coastal towns with a stop at Li Galli Islands, opposite Positano, for a drink with tasty snacks accompanied by a glass of our finest Italian prosecco.
  • Customers can choose to swim in the beautiful waters of Positano and wait for the sun to set in the distance over the Faraglioni of Capri.
  • The tour then continues to Punta Campanella on our way to Capri.
  • On arrival in Capri, guests can enjoy the island in the evening and have dinner in a typical restaurant, and then return on board by midnight (you can stay longer on the island for a small extra fee).
  • On our way back, the sky will be fully carpeted with stars and moon-lit romantic waters. With a little luck, you will be able to see a shooting star…

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