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Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is located south of the Sorrento Peninsula and overlooking the waters of the Gulf of Salerno. The two points that define this long Campanian coast, are the village of Positano in the west and Vietri sul Mare in the east. Between these two famous towns we find one after the other, the beautiful towns of Cetara, Erchie, Maiori, Minori, Ravello, Atrani, Amalfi, Conca dei Marini, Furore and Praiano. The Amalfi Coast is a tourist destination that keeps track records of arrivals and is famous throughout the world for its priceless landscapes which have recognized the title of UNESCO World Heritage Site. This makes us realize how loved, admired and respected this coastline is and how many beautiful things it has to offer to its guests.

The town from where the beautiful coast bears it’s name is Amalfi, symbolized by the Cathedral of St. Andrew and the terraces of lemons. Other places that are worth visiting are Ravello with the fabulous Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone, Vietri sul Mare, with the typical production of Vietri ceramics, Cetara with its tasty Anchovies, Positano for its trendy boutiques, Maiori and Minori for the long beach with the delicacies of the pastry chef Sal De Riso.

The excursion lasts about 7 hours. We will meet you at the port in the town where you will be staying at about 9:30/10 am and take you on a leisurely private ride along the Amalfi Coast. You will see magnificent views, including:

* Amalfi, the town where the coast bears it’s name
* Conca dei Marini, Steal a kiss as we pass the lover’s arc formed naturally in the rocks
* Furore and it’s hidden lagoon, tucked between two cliffs and lined with fishing boats
* Praiano, a fishing village that has barely changed throughout the centuries
* Li Galli Islands quietly sitting off the coast
* Positano, with the colorful villas and lush vegetation climbing up the cliffs
* Gorgeous swimming spots and empty beaches
* Crumbling towers every few kilometers, left from centuries ago when the Pirates and the Arabs were invading the shores!
* Maiori and Minori, the two sleepy villages sitting underneath the famous Ravello
* A trip to the Emerald Grotto which is a must – you row through a marine cave with amazing stalactites and stalagmites (many of which are submerged)
* Marmorata Waterfall, stop for a swim under the fresh water falling from the mountain!
* Grotta Pandora, the biggest natural cave on the Amalfi Coast and we will go inside with our boat
* The Pirates Cave, a small cave which you can swim inside located under the famous nightclub in Prianao Africana
* Santa Croce and Tonnarella, and Marinella beach clubs, perfect locations for a scenic lunch stop and accessible only via sea
* Sophia Lorens private villa located on the edge of a cliff!

Continue your exploration afterwards along the most rustic part of the coastline with its history and hidden beaches, passing the spectacular rock formations that line the shore and the small towns of Erchie and Cetara.

We can recommend the best coastal restaurants for lunch, serving fresh seafood, wine, and local specialties. From there we will continue back down the coast, always stopping for a swim (and hopefully seeing dolphins!) as the sun sets.

Amalfi & Positano by Boat

Cruise with Amalfi Sails along the Amalfi Coast visiting its inlets and its majestic rocks from the sea. We organize private tours, group trips and sightseeing tours by boat to Amalfi, Positano and all the beautiful landscapes that surround them. Our route includes a full tour of the coastline with the following stages: the archipelago islands of Li Galli, Fornillo Beach and Marina Grande in Positano, the Emerald Grotto in Conca dei Marini, Furore, the beach of Castiglione Ravello, Marina Grande and the Spiagga Duoglio of Amalfi, Atrani beach, coves, caves and Norman towers in Minori, Maiori, Cetara and Vietri sul Mare.

Usually a full tour of the Amalfi Coast takes half a day and during your trip you can stop to bathe in the quieter areas and have lunch in one of the tastiest restaurants on the Amalfi Coast. We remind you that with Amalfi Sails you can include on board (with a small extra fee) an English speaking guide.

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